It’s been a while i didn’t update this journal. I am still alive.

Digi 3G upload is really really bad… you can even upload a 129kb web optimized pictures in peace.

My office is using the highend package. We admit using it for browsing, youtubing, and outlooking is good but seriously the upload quality is something a web developer will be TOTALLY TURNED OFF!!!

Not only that, uploading mere pics to webmails, facebooks is bogged with failures.

No Thank You Digi. I am leaving Malaysia!

My first knowledge of the Proboscis Monkey came from reading one of Tintin’s storybooks titled ‘Flight 714′ in the early years of my post-diaper life. One of it’s arch villian was noted resembling a proboscis monkey, with the primate itself making a full cameo in 1 panel for a comparison. In 2008 the Proboscis Monkey is evaluated as Endangered on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species which itself is not a good news considering the fact back in 2004, they were originaly listed as Vulnerable.

One of the best attraction of Borneo is for Proboscis Monkeys, like the Orang-Utans, unique only to the island of Borneo is a must see in Borneo. Sadly with all the law protections and conservation efforts from locals, the numbers are still seeing a huge and steady decrease in numbers due to deforestations and habitat losses. I took time to revisit the a few areas where these primates are widely seen.

Klias is one of the most popular places to make a lookout for this creatures. Like most animals in Borneo, they usually show up nearby river banks in the morning and evening for food and water. There are other places like Gaya Island which is nearby to the capital but sightings are quite rare. I decided to take time and go up further, hoping to see more. The area is about 2 hours drive from the capital, with good roads ahead with quite a scenic view. With so many operators handling such business, i decided to try out a new double decker boat dubbed the Klias River Queen. Signboards are esy to spot, first just llok out for the main signboard which is Brown, a sign for tourist spot nationwide. Just follow the sign towards Klias.

Upon reaching Klias, you can’t help but to notice various signs leading to many different jetties operated by numerous operators, mostly locals. For the Klias River Queen experience, while you are crossing a bridge, try to look out to see on the other side of the bridge for a big boat, the jetty is right next below the bridge. Upon arrival, you will need to take a smaller boat to reach the Queen, considering the fact the Queen can’t go under the bridge… which isn’t a big deal. Unlike other operators, at the moment this is the only big boat available here. The jetty provides as a waitig point, there is a small store nearby and a few houses, homes to local staffs. Binoculars and various stuffs are up for rent if you need them.

High tea is served upon arrival, it has a washroom and a small restaurant on the deck below. The upper deck is centre of attraction, this is where I find that most visitors find it convenient to view animals which somestime can be situated as high as 10 metres above the ground, right at the edge of the trees! The cruise starts at about 5 pm. While cruising, i can’t help that alot other tourists greeted each other from different boats, gawking at othe guests on the upper deck. After an hour or two cruising up, hunitng for sightings can be quite challenging, most often i find that these primates are very shy. As darkness begin to envelope, dinner is served aboard on the below deck. Foods served are buffet style, most wastes are kept aboard and not thrown overboard. After Dinner is served, on the journey back, the lights are cut completely for viewing the fireflies on the trees. Arrival back at Jetty is circa 7.30 or 8.00pm. By the time you return to the capital it would be near 10pm.


This is just so wrong… and it even has 2 pricetag.

This pics are from an old buddy of mine. I remember I gave away a number of kits many years back. Here’s one of them, I had no idea how badly i painted and was curious how it looked now.